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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Davenport Spring Break

Spring Break officially kicked off for me this past weekend – right on my birthday. I’ve been buried alive with catching up on my Academic Service-Learning (ASL) project that was assigned from my Professional Writing class. The ASL is a collaborative project in which students are to form partnerships with community based non-profit organizations to offer professional writing skills. I offered to assist Keep Learning… Our Future Depends On It which is a partner organization of Capital Area Michigan Works. Presently, I’m working on grant writing so that the Lansing River Trail can be revitalized and also have new mile markers and some educational plaques installed to help foster communication between parents and children about the importance of pursuing higher education. I’m hoping to make connections with businesses that make/sell signs so that I can obtain realistic price quotes for a more detailed grant application. My diversity class is going pretty well and I’m enjoying learning about different ways of looking at the world around me and gaining a new respect for different cultures. I’m currently working on writing a cultural autobiography for this class and I’ve been discovering interesting things about my past. I’ve discovered that I have historical ties to Poland, Quebec, Newfoundland, Holland, Ireland and France. Aside from my ancestry, the autobiography will also touch on social relationships, economic factors, religious viewpoints and how having a better understanding of myself can contribute to my professional life. So far, I have a 4.0 in my Intermediate Algebra class and am hoping to maintain that grade for the remainder of the semester. It would be an extremely great accomplishment for me to have since I’ve always felt that math was my weakest link. Harrison Morton has been one of the best math instructors that I’ve had, aside from my high school math instructor Carol Floria. Ironically, the two of them both teach at Lansing Community College. My Human Resources Management Class dealing with Strategic Staffing, which was a seven week course, has been completed. The final project that needed to be completed was a group project. Five other classmates and I worked diligently to create a 129 slide Power Point Presentation for our class. I am anxious to begin my online Access class, which is also a seven week course.

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