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Monday, February 7, 2011

The First Step Towards Upgrading Your Career

(from the American Society of Administrative Professionals)

In order to be the most we can be professionally and to feel a sense of purpose, we must regularly assess where we are and set goals based on where we want to go. Whether you want to grow in your current role, step-up to a higher position, or move into another field, success starts with reflecting on your strengths, priorities, and purpose. Here are a dozen questions to help get you started.

What were my top 3 to 5 achievements this year?

What am I known for; what have I created or initiated that will continue after I am gone?

What hurdles and challenges have I faced at work over the past year and how did I react to these challenges?

What matters to me in my current job role and career? That is, what do I want and need the most?

What can I do to get more of what I want and need from the job?

Why am I working here?

What am I passionate about?

What activities satisfy and nurture me - professionally and personally?

What do I feel I need more of in my life—or, what do I feel I should be doing that I have not done?

What are areas of development or growth for me in the coming year? What can I get better at or learn?

What would I like to be doing in five years?

What actions and learning would take me there?

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