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Monday, March 28, 2011

Enhancing Creativity - Based on Lecture by Josh Linkner

The National Society of Leadership and Success welcomed Josh Linkner as one of our featured speakers at the Lettinga Grand Rapids Davenport University campus in February. I watched a recording of one of his speeches in regards to building creativity and thought I would share some of the major concepts.

1.Awaken Curiosity
a. Curiosity is the DNA of creativity
b. More curious = more creative
c. Questions to ask
i. Why?
ii. What if?
iii. Why not?
d. Five “Why’s” – ask why five times
2. Encourage Courage
a. Stick with ideas
b. Pike syndrome
i. Imaginary barriers
ii. We hold ourselves back
3. Build a Greenhouse
a. Environment matters
b. Traditions can hold back
c. Challenge conventional thinking
i. Carving pumpkin
ii. From bottom
4. Unleash ideas
a. Opposite
i. List out conventional ways
ii. Exact opposite ways of doing it
b. Role storming
i. Become different characters
ii. Break through barriers or brain block

For more information on Josh Linkner, visit www.joshlinkner.com

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